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Dr. Linden Dungy 


First and foremost, I want to give all thanks, honor, and glory to Jesus Christ for this wonderful opportunity He has given us to serve Him here in Farmington, MN. We also acknowledge his merciful gifting He has bestowed upon us through the generosity of others He has placed in our path.

Speaking of paths, my path started in Jackson, Michigan, where I was born and raised. I had the opportunity to discover what a great place Minnesota was when I would spend my summers here with my brother and his friends when they attended the University Of Minnesota. I attended dental school here at the U starting in 1982, receiving my D.D.S. degree in 1986. I spent the next year in Pittsburgh, PA for some advanced training in dentistry (GPR) before returning to Minnesota. I have been a practicing dentist in the Twin Cities since 1987 and have many different employment experiences under my belt, ranging from private practice, instructing at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, serving patients in the Twin Cities community clinics, being dental director of Model Cities (now called Open Cities Health Center), working in large group practices (both Metro Dentalcare and Park Dental) to coming full circle back to private practice as the Founder and C.E.O. of Immanuel Dental.

My wife Donna and I have two Children, Branden and Alon and two pets cats, Kasey and Lonzo. Our family has truly been blessed by Jesus in so many ways and through the ministry of dentistry; we are returning the blessings that we receive to give all praise, honor, and glory to our Lord and Savior.
We give you an open invitation to come in, meet us, and rest your feet. We would like to show off our skills and hospitality to you. Either way, whether it be in word or deed, we endeavor to give you our best. The door is always open to you.

Thank you again for trusting Immanuel Dental with your dental health care.

Thank you and welcome.

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Bobbi, Dental Hygienist

I have worked with Bobbi since 1997 when we both worked for Park Dental in Apple Valley, MN. Bobbi is the number one reason we have enjoyed the success that we have from the time we opened the doors back in 2005. She was pretty much the supporting cast for every system we ran early on. I owe her a great deal of appreciation for all of her service and dedication to Immanuel Dental.

She has been working as a Dental Hygienist since she graduated from North Central Technical College in Wausau, WI. Bobbi was born and raised in Wisconsin and moved here after she finished college. So yes, that means she is a Packer fan (smile!). She is one of our two international hygienist spending time working in Switzerland. She is the first member of our excellent group of hygienists. Her biggest attribute (and there are many) is the conviction she brings to her job and her effort to build great relationships with our patients. That is why I know when you sit down in her chair; you will always get the best she has to give at that time. Whether Bobbi is in perfect health or under the weather, having a perfect day or a very difficult day, as we say where I grew up "she brings it," every day. That is why I know you will always be in great hands when you are under her care.

Bobbi enjoys parenthood (Finn, Ashe and Kade) and her role as a pet owner (Aspen who is a beautiful Westie) and is a strong advocate for the wellbeing of all animals. She enjoys her church and the opportunities to participate in the programs they offer when she is able, particularly the women's group that meets regularly. I have had the pleasure of knowing Bobbi for many years now and I have seen her blossom in her faith and love for Jesus Christ. She is an outstanding hygienist and we are very pleased to have her as part of our team. I look forward to you meeting her and I know she will take very good care of your dental needs and concerns just like all of our team members.

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Adria, Dental Assistant

Like Bobbi, Adria is one of our original hires. Adria too has been very key to our success. She has the uncanny ability to make herself "be in two places at one time," or at least it feels that way. She also makes our patients feel very welcomed when they arrive for treatment. Along with Bobbi, I have also had a long work relationship with Adria. We have been working together since 1997 when we both worked for Park Dental in Apple Valley, MN.

She has been a Dental Assistant since she graduated from Dakota County Technical College.
Adria is one of the hardest working dental assistants I have had the pleasure of working with and I have worked with some very talented assistants (I mean very talented) so the bar is set very high, but her most remarkable personal trait is that she has a big heart and generally enjoys all of our patients who come to our practice and wants them all to have a good dental experience. Adria is our unsung hero; she is that secret ingredient, that special sauce, the X-factor that makes everything just perfect. When she comes to work, everyone else’s day improves and everyone else performs just a little bit better. And of course as her dentist, I rely heavily on her. As our dental assistant she’s our “G.O.A.T” – the greatest of all time (smile!). She picks up tasks and responsibilities very fast and often without much instruction. Once she has it down, it’s down. When you ask her how she does what she does, she says, "I just point and shoot."

When she is not working at Immanuel Dental she enjoys her friends and family. She is a mother of two very energetic girls (Ava and Natalie). She enjoys spending time up north, time with her husband Dan, shopping and traveling, and spending time with friends when she can fit it in to her busy schedule.
I look forward to you meeting her and I know you will grow to enjoy her company just as we do!

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Jenni, Dental Hygienist

Jenni came to our office by way of filling in for Bobbi during her maternity leave. The Lord blessed our office with first finding us a hardworking, conscientious, and quality dental hygienist to fill a temporary need in our workforce, and second, ultimately allowing her to join our team full-time and helped form our excellent group of hygienists. Jenni has been a part of our practice since early part of 2007.

Originally a native of Wisconsin (suburb of Milwaukee) and though she has planted roots west of her birthplace she is still a proud Wisconsinite at heart! Jenni brings to our office versatility and diversity in regards to her training and work experience. She is one of two team members that have multiple degrees. She received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees through the University of Wisconsin system and started out her career as a school counselor. Switching gears in 2000, she returned to school to become a dental hygienist. Now in her new career, she still gets to employ much of her skills she garnered from her career in education, successfully adding them to her duties as a healthcare provider. This allows her a more unique perspective to the field of dentistry and greatly enhances our practice when we can add her kind of experience to our team. She is conscientious and well prepared when she seats our patients in her chair and does an excellent job.  She will take care of all of your dental concerns.

In her free time she is not idle, she enjoys the endeavors of parenthood (great son in Isaac), her role as a spouse (Brian), pet owner (way to go Hank!), neighbor, and friend to special people in her life. She also enjoys her opportunities to travel, reading, and is an avid runner (long distance) and one of her goals was to to participate in a Marathon which she completed in 2008 (not many people can make that claim - good job!)  She is a welcomed addition and an important factor to the success of our practice. She is a pleasure to work with; I look forward to you meeting her.

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Diane, Patient Representative/Dental Assistant

Diane came to our office in late 2008 by way of filling in for Adria during her maternity leave. Diane was supposed to have a several days of training prior to jumping into the deep end. As it so happened, Adria gave birth to her daughter Natalie the previous week-end, and thus Diane’s working relationship with our office started in a very ill-fated way. The Lord delivered her to us in our time of need and she has been stepping in and stepping up to fill our needs ever since. She currently wears the title of Patient Representative where she manages the responsibilities of our front desk.

 Diane came to our office with a lot of experience. She has worked in several other dental practices both as a dental assistant and with front desk responsibilities. Her career is well rounded for our needs.  She has dental assistant experience, activities in pedodontic services, opportunities in administration of patient services, and office manager experience.  Now we rely on her abilities to manage our front desk activities (though she is just as valuable to us as an assistant) so we are lucky to have her. Diane brings a solid work ethic to our team and works hard to “get things right.” When we talk about “front desk” and “back area,” Diane has brought stability and order resulting in successful progress to our front desk area. Our team relies heavily on Diane doing the work expected of a two person crew. Our success has been directly related to her development into her newest role with our practice.  Diane is a huge part of the reason why we are doing well.

 Diane spends her free time centered around her family being a caring parent, supportive spouse, and helpful daughter, sister, niece, cousin, and granddaughter. Diane’s free time is sparse, but when she has it, her favorite past time is “scrappin". I look forward to you meeting her as well.

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Wendy, Dental Hygienist

Wendy is our latest addition to Immanuel Dental. She started in 2010 and came to our attention via a strong recommendation from a fellow colleague. Our practice was not yet ready to hire an additional hygienist but after interviewing Wendy, it was clear that her potential reflected such an upside for our practice that it would be a big mistake not to bring her on even if it meant that things started out slow at first. This was my most exciting hire because everyone else we have hired was either out of familiarity, or out of need, or both. In Wendy’s case this was high risk, high reward and Wendy has just been a solid hire for us, its just put our practice in great shape for our transition into our new building and transition to the practice's future.

Wendy is our other international hygienist having work experience in Germany providing dental care to the families of our armed forces. She completes the core group of excellent hygienists here at Immanuel Dental. Like Jenni, Wendy brings multiple degrees with her to our office. She started out as a dental assistant and after several years, returned to the class room to get her degree in Dental Hygiene. Wendy brings a self-starter mentality to our office and has gained the respect of her fellow team members in short order. She is hard working, knowledgeable, and skillful in her management of our patients. The best compliment I can give her is that she has earned my trust, trust to handle our patients with her best and with respect, trust in her judgments, trust in her character, and trust in her continuing development in being an Immanuel Dental team member, just like the trust I have in the rest of our team.

Wendy enjoys spending time with her nieces (Faith and Ava), enjoying time with her family and friends, and traveling when she has the time, and enjoying a good cup of tea. I look forward to “getting to know” Wendy and I hope you will enjoy getting to know her too. 

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