Our Philosophy

Immanuel Dental, P.A. Through the gifts of skill, knowledge, and wisdom in the field of dentistry given to us by the Lord we are given the opportunity to honor him, through our service to the community as dental health care providers. May all praise, honor, and glory go to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We will work out what the Lord has worked in us, for His good and perfect pleasure. We will promote good dental health and create excellent patient-practice relationships to foster a good reputation and prosper His name in our community.

We will be committed to the process of diagnosis, treatment planning, and rendering sound care to improve the dental health of our patients. We will excel in patient relationships that lead to growth for the patients in their understanding of dental pathology. By focusing on educating our patients concerning the disease processes that attack good dental health.  This will liberate our patients to make informed decisions related to their care. We will be committed to restoring our patients back to a state of health that’s final objective is to be free of active disease. We will excel in improving and maintaining a high standard of clinical skills used to improve the health of our patients. We will excel at our individual responsibilities in dental assisting, dental hygiene, and non-clinical patient services. We will be committed to improving ourselves through continuing education.

Immanuel Dental will become synonymous with excellent care and excellent service.